Friday, June 27, 2014

Beautiful Words

 Beautiful Words by Hannah LeBouthillier (Free style Poetry)

Beautiful words fall from her lips like drops cascading from waterfalls. But no one listens. She is silenced to the ears of those who are too centered in them-self to give a damn. Those who look away from her in disinterest, ripping her apart piece by piece with the worst of punishments. Why do they not listen? Why can they not see? The beauty in her mind that is so vast and bright. The beauty in her mind unravels into the wings of a dove, the souls of every dreamer ever to exist, and the breath of every newborn. Her words powered by her passion to be heard, she gets louder. Louder to the point the universe shatters, but only to be forced into silence by the very souls she wanted to touch and speak to. Chained to the jail of oppression she looked for other ways to be heard. She would mumble quietly and wrote passages on the walls of her cage, praying someone would by chance get her message and see what she knows. All to no avail as she crumples to the rock bottom of depression and evil. In an effort to stave away the pain she bloodedly murders her true self, ripping and tearing away at all that is good and beautiful about her. Seeing this, her captors unlock the chains of silence, content she is now one of them, but for her it is too late. Her freedom is useless for she no longer has anything to say, now just a shell of herself with bloodstains on her hands.  She wanders around the desert plains of the numb, feeling only longing for something more. Something she once hade but lost. Something she cannot remember. A spark. Gone. Tired of her constant searching, she laid down to rest in the ocean, drifting with the waves.
 In the night her mind salvaged a part of her seemingly long gone, and healed what she had lost. Her gasp made the stars flair and the sky turn bright and lively, the earth cried with joy from the east to the west. The wind scooped the girl up with the arms of a loving mother and into the stars of the universe. Her hearts pumped love throughout her entire being, healing the wounds that she had received from her time of wondering in darkness. All that remained was small thin scares, left by the love to remind her of the dangers of darkness. As she was carried to the center of all things good she wondered about all the souls left in the darkness. What about them? The universe stopped, and seemed to hold its breath. If you go back, it said to her, you can save many, but at the price of millions more not listening to you, and the continuation of the pain you had always lived with and loathed. Transcended in love she chose that the few others she would save would be worth it. The planets and stars themselves seemed to cry out for the pain she was to endure as it spit her out in the world again. Standing up in the love that now filled her, beautiful words fall from her lips like drops cascading from waterfalls. And seeing her scares, someone stopped, and listened.

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