Friday, June 27, 2014

Adam Cree

Adam Cree by Hannah LeBouthillier

Cruel was the boy named Adam Cree
Who would lie and deceive defying angel’s pleas
He stole the hearts of many and made them stone
And then at night, he roamed alone

To many years he ruined lives
Blatantly ignoring their agonized cries
Many said he could never atone
Because at night, he roamed alone

One day he met the mate of his soul
Opening his heart, paying the toll
Freeing his love, making him new
His professions of love, easy to chew

But the angels in heaven were angry, you see
So in vengeance they declared a decree
“For he has caused beautiful hearts to stone
Therefore, he must walk eternally alone”

That is the reason, you see
That the mate of his soul left the man named Adam Cree
Being the way he would eternally atone

By having to roam the nights alone.

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